It is for most security dealers. Learn about the CX PROactive Mover Program!

You wouldn't be alone.  The most common source of attrition for most security companies is when customers move.  

By this time, it's usually too late!

By this time, it's usually too late!


A new job.  A new child.  Downsizing.  The reasons for moving are endless and often unexpected.  You've invested a great deal of time and money into installing a system, only to find out after-the-fact that your customer has moved across town.  You immediately jump into action only to find out they've already signed up for a new security system with their internet/phone provider at their new location.

If only you'd known beforehand.

Now you can with the CX PROactive Mover Program!

Imagine getting a monthly list that shows which of your current customers has just put their house up for sale!  You now can reach out to them pro-actively and ensure you have the opportunity to protect them in their new home before they pack a single box or move a dresser.  You can also offer them a sizeable credit for providing the contact information of the buyers of their old home, so that you'll be able to reach out and educate them on their existing system and secure their business too!

What was routinely turning out to be a net loss of a customer now becomes a net gain -- you keep a long-time customer (in their new home) and sign-up a new customer (in the old home)!

We like to call this... the "Daily Double"!

Kept a MOVED customer *AND* SIGNED THE move-in?  Daily double!

Kept a MOVED customer *AND* SIGNED THE move-in?  Daily double!


Do you want to know how you'll feel after you're scoring daily doubles each month?!  Like this:

Ah, snap!  You're awesome!

Ah, snap!  You're awesome!


We know you're juggling a lot of balls...

Let us do the juggling for you.  Sign up for our monthly mover program and we'll leverage the hundreds of MLS databases across the nation to identify which of your customers just put a "For Sale" sign in front of their home.  How cool is that?  We can even assist with follow-up actions once you've identified which of your customers are planning to move (direct mail campaign, outbound dial campaign, etc.)

Stop being reactive and start being PROactive!  

Sign up for more information below, or come see us at booth #1145 at #ESX2015 in Baltimore on June 25-26, 2015.


Don't drop the ball!  Sign up for the CX PROactive monthly mover program!