I had the privilege of working with Brandon for five months. His combined talents are not usually found in one person. Brandon’s attention to Customer Service is always at the core of his work, always very personal; resolving the issues in a win-win fashion is his goal and most often accomplished.

His technical and analytical skills are exceptional; he is able to construct systems, analyze and clearly explain the data, and then act on it with positive results. Brandon was great to work with, very supportive and always available to help when asked. Finally, on a personal level, I found Brandon to be honest and loyal with integrity governing all of his decisions. I believe he would be a tremendous asset.
— Neil Appel, Vice President of Sales at B-SAFE Security
Brandon is amazingly analytical in all aspects of business and truly understands logistical operations as well as technology management. Brandon is an asset to any team, and has unmatched problem solving skills. I would give an unconditional recommendation for Brandon.
— Sterling Barnes, currently GM of Services at Melaleuca Security
“[Brandon] had great drive, initiative and ideas to help make us a better company that provided the best possible experience for our customers.”
— Brad Morehead, Former CEO, LiveWatch
It doesn’t matter the industry, Brandon’s message about Customer Experience resonated with everyone.
— Chris Lynch, Regional Account Manager at Nortek Security & Control (2018 TecHome X California Breakfast Keynote)
He is never afraid of progressive thought and encourages his team to not only think outside of the box, but to throw the box away. Nevertheless, his data-driven approach helped us to identify that was and was not working and help us quickly pivot toward a better direction. It has been an absolute joy to work with Brandon.
— Mark A. Smith, former Vice President of Sales at Womply
Brandon brought our organization technical details that distinguished our operations and gave us a competitive edge for our customers and our sales/fulfillment teams. Brandon challenged decisions and strategies which resulted in refined plans and intelligent decisions. At our organization he was great at providing insight, reporting, industry awareness and compliance, designing systems, managing data, providing business intelligence and technical analysis. Notably, Brandon creates a professional standard that can can add value to any organization.
— Zac Kerr, currently Vice President of Business Development at Sales Rabbit
In my opinion, your presentation was one of the highlights of the event! It was great!
— Debbie Soper, Account Manager at E4 Control Systems (2018 TecHome X California Breakfast Keynote)
He is passionate about his work, and is constantly thinking about where improvements can be made within the company and individuals. He has outstanding people skills and is excellent at holding people accountable to their performance. I really enjoyed working with Brandon.
— Curtis Pugsley, Former Owner at Point Protects
Brandon is among the more thorough, responsible, detail-oriented people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He is the sort of guy you’d want watching your back - never drops the ball, always on point, always prepared. And his analysis and instincts are spot on. It was a pleasure working with him.
— Edward Hartman, Chief Product Officer at LegalZoom